Austin TX Guitar Repair

We offer a variety of repairs and modifications for your guitar or bass. Acoustic? Electric? We know ’em, we’ve seen ’em and would love the opportunity to work on yours!

Services We Offer


Guitars and Basses with a Hardtail Bridge
Strat-Style Tremolo Systems
Floyd Rose and Other Locking Style

Nuts & Saddles

Bone Nut
Bone Saddle
Brass Nut

Premade Nuts and Saddles such as Tusq or Graphite
or whatever you bring in are installed only at the cost
of fitting the item to your guitar.

Pickup Install & Other Electronics

Pickup Installation $25 for one
$40 for two
$50 for three
Replace Potentiometer
Replace Switch
Replace Jack

Humbucker Wiring Mods (per pickup):

Coil Taps
Series/Single Coil/Parallel
Phase Reversal
On/Off Toggle

Copper Shielding

Strat/Jazzmaster/-Size Cavities
Tele/Mustang/Jazz and P-Bass-Size Cavities

Fret Work

Fret Level/Re-Crown and Polish $50/hour
*Add $100 for fingerboards with binding
Partial Re-fret $10/fret

Hardware Installation

Tuner & Bridge Installation
If enlarging existing holes is necessary
If doweling existing holes and re-drilling is necessary

Bridge Re-glue

If bridge has fully pulled off
If bridge has partially pulled off (includes setup)
$60 and up
$150 and up

Snapped Guitar Headstock Re-Glue

If neck is partially broken or cracked snapped
If neck is fully snapped
$40 and up
$60 and up

Other Guitar Repair Services

Wood Crack Repairs $40 and up
Pickguard Fitting $25 and up

This is a partial list of repairs and services we offer. If you are interested in anything not listed here, email or call us and we can give you an estimate on your guitar repair.



***Please understand that these are estimates. We’ll adhere to these price quotes 99% of the time. Every once and a while, there will be something more needed for a particular guitar and will will result in a price increase… maybe decrease? Either way, our goal is to provide expert service and prompt turnaround. That, you can count on.

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